Tough loans

Ever wonder why commercial loans are considered tough?

Answer: You do not know who to submit to or…

You cannot reach anybody on the telephone. We know how
frustrating that is.
Nobody responds to your emails.
You need help that nobody will give you; a quick no is better
than weeks of uncertainty.
TRAINING-Live or online to help make you an informed team
member. Have a complete office to train? Just ask.

Our phones are answered live from 7am to 4pm PST Monday through Friday
with real people and real solutions.

SNAP – VCI has invested years and millions of dollars into our
state-of-the-art Commercial Loan Qualification and processing system
that tracks hundreds of real loan programs that really fund.  This
means that you do not have to do the looking; we do that for you
everyday because the marketplace is changing everyday.

How does eight working hours for a complete loan analysis sound to
you? Our SNAP software is Superman so we do not have to be.

This is about you, and how VCI can make your job easier.

VCI considers ANY commercial property or business that is positive
cash generating with a very simple submission process.

Speak with me to discuss your particular scenario.

The year 2010 is quickly grinding to a very forgettable end and the
economy is still uncertain. One thing that you can count on in this
world is that VCI wants to make your job easier.


Thomas Duffy

Ten Stockyard

New Milford Ct 06776


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