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Objective(s):    (Basic outcomes required of the position)
1.  To assure the survival, growth and perpetuation of the organization at a profit through a team of key Managers/Leaders and support staff.
2.  Area of personal production.

Functions:  (What has to be done to carry out their objectives?)
1.  Recruit and select your team of managers/leaders and key support staff.
2.  Train your managers/leaders in how to recruit, select, train, manage and motivate their team.
3.  Manage your key people by evaluating regular periodic feedback and results and measure against predetermined and agreed upon objectives and standards.
4.  Motivate key people via personal goals, achievements and career paths.
5.  Establish long term business plan
6.  Establish survival and growth plans in financial, people and market areas.
7.  Develop an organizational structure to achieve the organization’s goals.
8.  Establish and monitor basic quantitative indicators in the areas of people, production and profit.
9.  Manage the fiscal affairs of the organization i.e.…budgets, line of credit, investments, compensation programs, etc.
10.  Disseminate your management philosophy throughout the organization.
11.  Develop a mission and values statement.
12.  Select and develop your successor and a perpetuation plan.
13.  Formulate and implement a Management Development Program to meet your growth and perpetuation needs.
14.  Execute corporate social, civic and trade association responsibilities.
15.  Analyze market needs and oversee the development of products and services to fulfill these needs.
16.ࠚ  Develop your area of personal production.

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