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 The stock loan industry has changed considerably these last few years. Many stock loan companies such as AIP, Rainmaker, and Alexander Capital have gone out of business. The SEC injunction against Hedgelender ( left many brokers without an honest lender.
>> One of our  Stock-Loan programs is the first and only securities-collateralized loan to stay in your own account, your own name and title, never sold or traded, with regular account statements as you normally receive from any bank or brokerage, including normal SIPC insurance.
>> This is a loan where we bring the pre-existing brokerage relationships of a very large equity fund to our non-recourse  international St ock-Loans  lending system with institutional management. LTV up to 95% for Treasury bills and some municipal bonds. Accepts bonds of all types and municipal funds as well as stocks. Minimum portfolio size $500,000. Pay off any time with no penalty. Interest rates from 1%.Superb features and benefits in ever respect. Prepayment any time without penalty, full upside appreciation to you, additional line of credit. All of the benefits of a Structured Securities Loan with the best security in the business bar none.
>> When maximum security and keeping shares in your own name and account are important to you, or when you have non-stock collateral, our stock loan program may be your loan of choice.

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