Your company or charity can get federal state and foundation grants we can make it happen for anyone you know in the community or any community in the country! We have a special right now for non-profits 6 grants for $2500!
We also have just teamed up with a foundation that can get new computers into your school!our grant writers have 25- 30 yrs experience helping companies and charities make a plan and get funding!
This will help illustrate why people need a professional experienced grant writer. First, even though there are lots of bio science and related opportunities available, you can see that they are very specific and probably not in the exact field your client is looking for. So an experience grant grant writer can either find the current opportunity or be able to research to find when that opportunity is likely to become available in the near future.

Second, when the funding notice becomes available, the client has an average of 6 weeks to prepare and submit the document, provided they find the notice on the first opening day. Typically a grant is out for a few days to a few weeks before the client discovers it. This shortens the time frame for most applicants.

Third, they need to read through the entire 50+ pages and complete the application, section by section, according to the specific requirements of that notice. As you read through these notices you will find some similarities and some differences.

The job of a professional grant writer is to make sure that the right information gets into the right sections and in the right order. The most common way to disqualify an application is to skim through the proposal and see if anything was omitted or not correctly completed. If so, the reviewers will simple throw the proposal out without even looking at it.

If the client is truly seeking $100,000, $1,000,000, or more, then they should be willing to invest a few thousand to make sure that their proposal will be reviewed and accepted by the funding committee. You know that their competitors will be using the best resources (grant writer) to help secure their million dollars.

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