Business  owners today can take out or fund their business growth by leveraging their stocks or securities and are today faced with the challenge of managing their portfolios profitably while taking advantage of new investment opportunities as they arise. But it is all too common these days to find investors facing the dilemma of either letting a great deal slip away Рor being forced to liquidate their investments before they have properly matured.
At VCI we think this is a decision no securities owner should have to make, and that’s why we developed a fast-closing, securities-based line of credit that allows you – the investor – to leverage your securities with cash advances higher than those available through conventional margin accounts, all without selling your shares. With our program, you won’t have to make any more tough choices, because you’ll retain your securities in your own account even as you get the cash you require on excellent terms.
So What’s the Difference?
A margin loan is capped at a 50% advance rate against your portfolio.¬† But in these times of economic hardship and tight credit markets, you are likely to need much more than 50%. That’s where VCI steps in.
Our securities-based, institutionally-managed credit line offers SIPC-insured accounts and an advance rate from 70-95% against your securities portfolio. * That means that a $500,000 portfolio can be tapped through our low-interest credit line to deliver to you anywhere from $350,000-$475,000 AT 2.75%¬† instead of the standard $250,000 you’d receive with a conventional margin loan. That additional cash may very well make the difference between your seizing the perfect investment opportunity – or losing it altogether.
So What’s the Catch?
Only one. Federal regulations will not allow the use of these credit lines to purchase more securities, so this is not the lending program for you if your goal is to increase holdings in your favorite stock. But it can be the perfect solution for purchasing a new house for your family or to jump-start your small business or perhaps to purchase a stake in a franchise. In fact, it’s not too much to say that we built this program with clients like these in mind.
As with any financial product, the VCI Capital credit line may not be suitable for every investor. But for those who can see the advantages of increased leverage to meet their financial objectives, our securities-based credit line may be ideal, as it has for many others.
*Advance rates, fees and interest rates will vary based on size and composition of the portfolio being used as collateral. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, T-bills, and many other types of securities are eligible.

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