The Seawolf fast patrol vessel was conceived to exceed the performance capabilities, and mission limitations, of all small swift vessels worldwide. Seawolf achieves this by being faster, highly stable, and uniquely reconfigurable for multiple missions. Seawolf’s design allows it to operate in shallow riverine as well as deep water.   It is the mission reconfiguration aspect that MDSI expects will qualify for one or more Patents. Seawolf is to be a redesign of an existing 12 meter vessel built more than a decade ago. The superior performance characteristics of that vessel were assessed by the U.S. Navy and Defense contractors. At that time however, the need for such a vessel in large numbers could not be established.    

Since 2009 the Maritime Security Vessel market has been very strong and continues to grow. This is in part due to the less attractive cost of procuring larger vessels. The current strength of the market has also been heavily influenced by the worldwide demand for a vessel that can address a dramatic increase in maritime security and law enforcement issues. To set ourselves apart from all other small vessels, MDSI expects that customers will respond favorably to the concept of purchasing one vessel for various missions rather than multiple specialty vessels for each mission requirement.

 Marcon International Inc, a seller of small commercial work boats, reports that internationally, small vessels (generally classified as work boats) can expect 288 days of employment per year at an average daily rate of $6,000.00. This market has enjoyed continued growth for three consecutive years.


Seawolf is the sole focus of MDSI at this time. At an appropriate future time, new vessels and maritime products will be created and introduced. The current economy and regulatory environment dictate that the manufacture of new products be outsourced. Outsourcing the manufacture of MDSI products dramatically reduces overhead and exposure to tax and regulatory costs inherent in self-manufacturing. In order to build MDSI into an asset however, we will self-manufacture when the financial model supports that evolution.

MDSI will outsource the manufacture of Seawolf. As a result, traditional financial sheets, including P&L statements cannot be prepared. In order to gain an appreciation of the logic for outsourcing, included with this plan is shipbuilding and repair industry report and a corresponding spreadsheet covering five years.


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    Pretty interesting afternoon of NOT writing my book but exploring the incredibly broad and deep dimensions of VCA. My last venture, the most significant of them all and, therefore, the biggest failure of them all, was Heart Waters and its NPO companion, Waters of Compassion. Wish I’d found Infinite Water five years ago when I had both the money and the momentum. I’d like to stay in touch.

    I’ve another project of possible fit for VCA in the venture funding and grant writing. Gotta go back for more reading on the site.

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    […]Here is some interesting info on the issue, but its a shame that it took a long time to find it on Google[…]…

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    they sold a city licence

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