Revenue growth

Lets say your budget affords you to be able to allocate $2000 per month to Pay Per Click advertising.

After bidding, your average cost per click is 35 cents.

Assume you generated enough clicks to use your entire budget. $2000 divided by 35 cents is 5714 clicks to your site.

Historically 5% of your site visitors converts to a sales lead (sale, lead generation, goal attainment, etc..). 5% of 5714 is 286 sales leads generated.

You also know from your own historical data that your average sale is $32.00.

286 sales at $32.00 each is $9152.00 in sales generated by your PPC campaign that month, minus the $2000 initial investment and you have a Return On Investment of $7152 for the month.

In general, most PPC Services will give you an even higher ROI because we focus on your campaign while you do what you need to do – run your business.

Lets say that instead of a 5% conversion rate, the PPC Service generates 8.5% conversion.

Starting with the same 5714 clicks, 8.5% is 486 conversions @ $32.00 avg sale equalling $15552 in PPC sales for the month or a ROI of $13552.

That is an additional $6400 by using the PPC Service.

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