Overview and Examples of Successful Grant Experience

Entity: Fordham University

Location: NY

Purpose: NIH Medical Research

Award: $250,000

Entity: a Florida Ballet Company

Location: FL

Purpose: Training and Production cost

Award: $50,000

Entity: Homeless Shelter

Location: FL

Purpose: Housing and Supplies

Award: $50,000

Entity: Palm Beach Co. Health Department

Location: Palm Beach Co, FL

Purpose: Medical Intern Program

Award: $300,000

Entity: Eco World Daycare

Location: Atlanta

Purpose: Green Remodeling

Award: $50,000

Entity: Lutheran Church

Location: FL

Purpose: New Building Construction

Award: $1.2 million

Entity: Middletown ISD

Location: OH

Purpose: various projects

Award: $2 million

Entity: Youth Sports League

Location: TX

Purpose: Operational Expenses

Award: $70,000

Entity: Alternative Energy

Location: FL

Purpose: Research and Development

Award: $500,000

Entity: New Home Construction Technologies

Location: SD

Purpose: develop more efficient and less costly new home construction techniques

Award: $90,000

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