public shell

A public shell is something every consultant, capital raiser, or investor should have.
It’s an ideal way to insert oneself into a deal to receive equity, or a larger percentage of equity than you may have otherwise received.

We assist companies in going public and can create a blank check public shell company for you. The president of our company is a very experienced securities attorney.

A public company can be a very valuable tool. As a public company, you can do a private placement at a discount to the open market price or as a PIPES offering.

Assuming a company wants you to raise capital, or provide consulting services, if you have a public company to merge them into, you can keep a percentage of the shares; or more shares than without the shell corporation.

Creating a new public shell company would only be appropriate if you did not currently know the company you would like to take public. If you have a specific company now that you would like to take public, we can take that company public directly.

If you are an attorney, advisor, or an investment fund that may come across a company in the future, that would like to go public, we can set up a blank check public company for you at a very reasonable rate.

A public shell is ideal for you to receive more equity in a deal you consult or raise capital for. Please give us a call to discuss how we can work together.



Thomas Duffy

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  1. Thomas says:

    any more shells for sale

  2. Peter N Van Hierden says:

    Interested in taking corp public. Would like to speak to some one.

  3. says:

    we can help you get a shell or do a RegA + call 203-775-9999

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