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Venture Capital Intl.

10 Stockyard ct.
New Milford ct 06776

Date:____________________                            From:          Cell:
Broker:______________________________________________________  Phone:______________________ Ext.________
Loan officer: _______________________________E-mail:_____________________________________________________
Property address:______________________________________________________________________________________
City:__________________________________________________________  State:_____________  Zip:_______________
Title to be held in what legal name:________________________________________________________________________
Type of owner/entity: individual  corporation  LLC  trust  other:_____________________________________
Property type:   multi-family    office    retail    office condo    office-warehouse    mixed-use    lot
Loan program:                fully documented                          stated income
Loan purpose:              purchase     rate/term refinance    cash out refinance 
Loan amount: $______________________ 
If a purchase, contract  closing date is:_________________   Purchase price and/or current value: $____________________
Occupancy:   owner-user (must occupy at least 51% of space)    investor
If cash out,  purpose for cash out:_________________________________________________________________________
If refinance, current balance: $___________________ Current mortgage holder:___________________________________
Does current mortgage have a balloon?:       yes     no                        If yes, when is balloon due?:________________
Does current mortgage have a prepayment penalty?:  yes   no          If yes, what is the penalty?: $________________
If refinance, when was property purchased?:____________________    Original purchase price: $______________________
Borrower’s credit scores: ______     ______     ______                   Co-borrower’s credit scores: ______    ______     ______
Total # of rental units in subject: ___________                           How many of the units are currently rented: ____________
If mixed-use, how many of the units are apartments: ____________
Describe type of retail tenants, if applicable:_________________________________________________________________
(i.e.- dress shop, pizza parlor, hardware, etc.)
Total rentable S.F. in subject: ______________               Does one tenant occupy more than 30% of total:  yes       no
Will borrower occupy any portion of building:  yes     no               If yes, how much square footage:________________
Borrower is in what type of business:______________________________________________________________________
Borrower’s ANNUAL income: $___________________                   If self-employed, since when:_______________________
1)  What is the verifiable gross MONTHLY rent collected for all occupied units:                                                        $______________
2)  If owner-user, what is the fair-market-rent value of owner’s space:                                                                      $______________
     (__________square footage   x   $___________ per square foot)
3)  Estimate ANNUAL operating expenses (taxes, insurance, utilities, repairs, management, etc.):                            $______________
Broker’s fee requested:  $__________________            (___________points)
Any additional fees: $_________________   Explain:__________________________________________________________
Additional comments:___________________________________________________________________________________
When submitting your loan, please take the time to provide legible, complete copies of initial documentation.  Typically, initial documentation may consist of some or all of the following
1)      Current tri-merged credit on all borrowers
2)      “Pre-Submission” form  *
3)      1003 signed and dated (stated income loan requests)
4)      Personal Financial Statement & Real Estate Schedule * ( all full doc loan requests)
5)      Certified Rent Roll  *
6)      Operating Statement  *
7)      Digital photos  (front, street, interior)
8)      Application fee of 650.00

·        Forms will be provided.   Call or e-mail a request for work forms.
Some suggestions and hints:
1)      Your initial file submission should be limited to those few items suggested above. 
2)      Please be sure that all forms submitted are legible and complete including but not limited to signatures and dates.
3)      Upon review of your initial file submission, underwriting may have additional document requests.
4)      Do not assume; do not guess.  If you have additional question please feel free to contact us at anytime.
Thomas Duffy.

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