Our philosophy is that

Success = Skill + Intelligence + Knowledge + Experience

Private equity investing can be profitable, and fun.

vci encourages and supports Business Angel investing, and provides a central Forum for anyone and everyone who wishes to contribute to and/or gain from increased activity and success in this sector.

vci was formed to act as a resource and to cater for the needs of the Private Investment sector – those seeking funding, those investing, and those advising both. Raising money, or putting money into a start up or early stage opportunity, is not for the faint hearted. Of course there are hopes that the business will fly and make everyone a fortune, and it certainly can happen. But that does nothing to mitigate the risk – more businesses fail than succeed; and even if they are successful, getting money out of an unquoted company can be extremely difficult.

What does VCI do?
Have you ever wondered what is the difference between an Entrepreneur and a Private Equity Investor? So have we – and besides the size of bank balance, we couldn’t come up with a sensible distinction either!

Our philosophy is that:

Success = Skill + Intelligence + Knowledge + Experience

And we act as a central resource, aiming to provide Knowledge and Experience by arranging:

Business Angel Workshops ‘Starting Out’
Business Angel Workshops ‘Getting In’
Business Angel Workshops ‘Getting Out’
Mentor Investors
Investor Clubs
Investment Syndicates
Deal Flow
Quality Investment Opportunities
Investor Fairs
Investment Forums
Company Valuation Data

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