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Our extensive experience allows us to professionally draft your 501(c) 3 application in 10 days . Our promptness and reliability are the reasons why we are trusted non-profit resource for foundations,charities and churches ,scientific or educational businesses or any 501c3 organizations. We include preparation of the necessary forms and supporting documents for the IRS and state tax  review Boards. We do not just prepare forms we offer a guided approach to obtaining a 501(c) 3 Exemption and can answer all your questions

Need 501(c)3 Help? If you have established or are planning to establish a non-profit organization, contact us as soon as you can. Here’s why – Perhaps your nonprofit organization is thinking about being officially recognized by the federal government. You’ve heard terms like non-profit, tax-exempt and 501(c)(3). You wonder what government recognition might mean for your group. What are the benefits? What will it cost in dollars and time? The IRS Grants Tax Exempt Status The IRS grants a “qualified charity” status to nonprofit organizations. The IRS is seeking to discover if a charity is legitimate and they will check for a Board of Directors, bylaws, a mission statement and a budget that does not seek personal gain for the founders. The tool the IRS uses is a 28-page application called Form 1023. The IRS also requires a $850 application fee based on the size of the organization and annual reporting, again based on the size of the organization. If you need to have a free consultation, please don’t hesitate to reach me at 203-775-9999 or send me an email

Determine what type of nonprofit organization you are starting by analyzing the primary objective

It is to support some issue or matter of private interest or public concern such as the artscharities, education, politicsreligion, research, or some other endeavor for non-commercial purposes. There are different legal statuses for nonprofits, one of them being a 501(c)(3), which is exempt from income and (sometimes) property tax, and able to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions.
Having a passion for your cause is important, but remember that a nonprofit is essentially a business and you need to be realistic in starting one.
To start on any 501c3 I need the information from the EIN application. Having a copy of the EIN registration is best. This information includes
EIN number
Company address – in the information from your email it is unclear if the address is for the business
Company Phone number
A short statement about the purpose of the company. – Which this email information covers. This information should be no briefer from the client. Two full paragraphs works well. This information should also include the “Mission Statement” for the company, unless it is stated on their web stie.
A very simple budget, including both estimated Revenue and Expenses.
Names, addresses and position of 3 Board members. The positions are President of the Board or Chair of the Board, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Board. Remind the client that a Board member of a non-profit an not also be an employee, nor receive any form of compensation.
With this information I can complete about 98% of the documents. There are always one or two questions that will arise in working through all the forms.
If they have a website we can use that to get some of the info we will need for the application
Most applications have 8 forms, a few will have 9.
There are 4 IRS forms. The Form 1023 is the longest and most complicated.
When most people see this form they are glad to have someone else do the work for them. Having complet4ed a good number of these forms I can answer most questions for / about the client. Typically i only need their contact information and a brief description about their operations.
Other forms are
Articles of Incorporation
Conflict of Interest statement
1023 narrative – this is a form that explains some of the answers from the Form 1023. For example, the form might say – If you answered Yes to this question explain.
That’s the standard 8.
For real formal organizations like a school, hospital, or housing project, there is an additional form called a Schedule. This will ask for very detailed information and I would need to have the client provide more input.

Non-Profit Development

VCI’s staff of Non-Profit Developers will prepare documents ready to submit to the Internal Revenue Service to obtain exempt status, such as 501(c)3, for your Nonprofit Organization. NPD will prepare the documentation ready for your signature and mailing to IRS. IRS has a current backlog of about 4 – 6 months to process exempt applications, so we recommend sending your application as soon as you register your nonprofit organization with the Secretary of State. You may request a free consultation with NPD to discuss your organization’s exempt application, or if you are ready to proceed, you may purchase this service by calling 860-350-4440. Preparation of documents for Form 1023 or Form 1024 to apply for Exempt Status such as 501(c)3 ready for submission to IRS. or call 203-775-9999 Today
Special $2500.00 1250 at the application 1250 when we bring you the file to send to the IRS. Start today use your credit card !

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