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Water is the primary life source for all living things. However, our global water is in crisis. There is hardly a day that the national papers do not have a water related article with negative news concerning water; locally, regionally, nationally or globally. No one can deny it and no one can escape the grim future if answers are not found. Legitimate science and a demanding public awareness are finally lifting the veil to reveal the scary truth that our water is no longer safe to drink and something has to be done.


As the world has found, the discoveries that turn out to actually change things in a positive way don’t always come from the big corporations and certainly not from our own governments. Steve Job and Bill Gates to name a few are the shining examples that demonstrate that change typically starts from one or two determined and dedicated individuals. Paul Doran, LifeWater’s founder, is such an individual. Motivated purely to find a way to provide the best possible drinking water to the world, he studied the process to the degree that few people were ever motivated to do. He knew the truth because it was in his best interest to do so. This is his life’s mission.


The Water Enhancement Technology (WET) is a product composed of very specifically blended magnetic clays and minerals and specially processed into ceramic balls. Its effect on water is truly amazing. It actually makes water, “wetter” and enhances the water like the water that comes from pristine streams, duplicating the waters action with the rocks and minerals on the surface. Science knows “Nature” makes the “best” water. Our technology copies “Nature”, producing water more the way nature intended it to be. The amazing thing to this technology is that it works in its simplest form; LifeWater Stir Wand and LifeWater Garden Wand and also with the more complex application with our LifeWater Drinking Appliance. This technology is unique and the potential market for this technology is virtually anything that water touches. Our product proves that it works and soon LifeWater Sciences will launch this technology so the world can reap it benefits. Man’s destructive actions to our earth’s water has made this product’s potential infident.

> LifeWater Stir Wand: Portable device for enhancement of all beverages.
> LifeWater Garden Wand: Watering device either hand held or attached to garden hose for enhanced growth, health of plant life, and anti-oxidation effect.
> Fountain of Life Water System: The ultimate drinking water machine.
> WET (Water Enhancement Technology) Commercial: Restaurants, Apartments, Industiral, Health Clubs, and Remediation
> WET Agriculture: Water activation promoting better growth and health of crops.
> WET Animal: Improves grade and quality of the meat, antibiotic usage decreased, mortality rate improved.
> WET SRD: Scale removal device for cooling towers, swimming pools, etc.
> WET Aquaculture: Improve environment and health of fish and water organisms.

This technology will enhance and positively affect anything concerning water and wellness. It has immeasurable use in the following industries:

Animal production and health
Waste water treatment (reduction of anaerobic bacteria)
Remediation (both soil and water)
Produce (increased shelf life, sugar content, and quality)
Plants and flowers
Water treatment industry (scale reduction and anti-oxidation)



There is no water system as comprehensive as The Fountain of Life Water Appliance. Current water treatment technology can remove most impurities but no single system incorporates the technology to effectively remove all impurities and contaminants at the point-of-use. The Fountain of Life Water Appliance is an all-inclusive, self-contained unit, including diagnostic and monitoring capabilities, that goes beyond current technology by producing a water of lab grade quality, re-mineralized and vitally enhanced. The Fountain of Life Water Appliance® “has been approved for patent” and consists of specialized proprietary components.


LifeWater Garden Wand is the ultimate lawn and water vitalizer proven to enhance all plant life using a proprietary ceramic mineral ore technology that optimizes plant growth.


With a simple stir of the LifeWater Stir Wand through the action of “resonance transfer” it will produce a vitally enriched, exquisitely smooth glass of wine, cup of coffee, or virtually any other beverage.


Because of the completeness and quality of the LifeWater Appliance and because it travels anywhere to be simply attached to any existing water source, LifeWater will command a large percentage of the growing market that demands the ultimate in both water purification and healthful water. The potential market in the U.S. alone is staggering. Consumers will increasingly be looking for a water purification system that can provide the purest, healthiest water possible. An ongoing diagnostics of system components assures the ultimate in safety, peace of mind, and well being. Another area for sales would be for places of known water contamination. No other system addresses the variety of water contamination due to natural and manmade causes, within our designated price point, then any other system out there. Because our system is “Point of Use”, any home, office, restaurant is a perfect candidate for our system regardless of the water source they are drawing.

LifeWater Sciences has developed new technology that solves water issues from the entire spectrum. We have current technology that addresses components of water issues no other U.S. company is doing. This is what gives us the competitive edge. It is “now” and it is our vision that our unique technology will expand into a much broader market.


Marketing is everything. LifeWater Sciences is fully committed to a Strong Marketing Driven Approach. We fully understand that strong marketing and strong branding is the ultimate road to success. No matter how superior your product, we believe that a full comprehensive marketing and branding campaign is absolutely required. Attached to our package is a 64 page, fully detailed marketing plan, brilliantly designed by Ken Garcia of LANDMINDS, for our products. The combination of a superior product driven by a comprehensive, well funded marketing and branding campaign spells S U C C E S S in any language.


The Fountain of Life®
Fountain of Life Water Appliance®
LifeWater Flowing From the Fountain of Life®
Water Enhancement Technology™ (WET)
LifeWater Wand™
Life Just Got Better™
The Ultimate Water Machine™










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