Jam Direct

Business Description: Sales of innovative products and novelty items have always been sparked by direct marketing. What was once a mail-driven industry became television-driven — and today’s consumers have shown that the Internet is the new driver of massive sales. Through innovative and proprietary marketing techniques and unparalleled, low-risk services that only JAM Direct can offer to product inventors, developers and manufacturers, the Company is poised to become a leader in this transforming market.

Opportunity: The “As Seen On TV” market is a $150 billion industry, and is rapidly being impacted by technology and mobile influence, with over 40% of sales in this category transacting online. Furthermore, over 10% of these category sales are being generated from online traffic, prior to having ever been promoted on television. As computers and smartphones outpace television as the “first screen” for information and entertainment, it only makes sense that the “As Seen On TV” market is experiencing a dynamic shift – giving birth to an “As Seen Online” market.
This “As Seen Online” market is a $15 billion niche industry and JAM Direct’s founder helped pioneer it, creating methodologies and strategies that grabbed $50 million of that market in a short period of time. With JAM Direct, he will be bringing the vision and know-how to make the Company an industry leader with market share that has been valued through acquisitions in the tens to hundreds of millions.

Business Services: The Company’s core service is Internet Product Marketing, through which JAM Direct identifies sellers, evaluates their products and becomes each product’s marketing arm. Ancillary services include consulting work and client-to-business matchmaking.

The target market is primarily comprised of innovators with products to sell but who don’t have the infrastructure to market and close sales through e-commerce solutions. JAM Direct’s value proposition to this target market is soup-to-nuts service: clients provide the inventory, JAM Direct provides the rest.

Marketing Strategy: The Company’s marketing strategy is threefold, including active, passive and online lead generation and conversion within the target market. Active marketing includes seminar and trade shows; passive marketing includes print and display advertising in journals and publications read by the target market; online lead generation is created by the same marketing techniques that JAM Direct uses on behalf of its clients. The Company expects an average client acquisition cost of $330, compared to an average client revenue value of $49,000 in Year 1 of operations.

Company Background: Michael Weinstein developed a proprietary online product launch and testing process, designed to provide rapid results with virtually no risk or investment, in order to determine product efficacy. After developing and refining this proprietary process, it became clear that it was not just the best solution available for testing products – but also the ideal solution for rapidly generating profits online, even if the products were never run on TV, as evidenced by over $50M in consumer product sales generated by Michael Weinstein in the past 5 years alone.
Today, JAM Direct provides this proprietary online product launch process as a way to test a product’s efficacy, to generate tremendous online profits and to provide sales history and statistics for consumer product companies looking to take their products to the major TV and retail companies.

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