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The company Hot Helmets Cool Caps (HHCC) is a LLC located in Port Chester, NY. Its current focus is on the design, development, distribution and sales of bicycle head-wear protection, or more commonly known through-out the industry as “action helmets.” For the last eighteen months, HHCC has worked to perform the initial research and development work necessary to exploit a well documented need in the estimated five hundred million dollar a year “action helmet” industry. HHCC was created with the fundamental idea of accomplishing the task that all other helmet manufactures have been unable to achieve. That task was to create a helmet that is so in tune with the needs of our customers that it becomes more than just a piece of protective equipment, it becomes an individual expression of who they are and how they want the world to perceive them. A helmet that becomes a statement of fashion in a world obsessed with everything that they wear. With that in mind, we appropriately assigned it with the model name, OBS-1, short for OBS-1.
Initial Research The recent research currently available from the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute (BHSI) conclusively supports our initial market research questionnaire data that suggests that most bicyclists are currently forced to wear their helmets, be it by parents, governmental regulations or the inherent need for head protection. Yet, the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute (BHSI) correctly states that ultimately the key motivator that drives bicyclist to choose one helmet over another, comes down to an issue of fashion, not safety. The assumption of most cyclist seems to be of the mentality in which they view all helmets offering approximately the same level of protection, so with all things being equal, fashion become the deciding factor. With fashion as key fundamental component of our product design, Hot Helmets Cool Caps (HHCC) believes that the OBS-1 will prove to be the first action helmet to be approved by both the Consumer Product Safety Commission “1203”(CSPC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials “F1952″(ASTM) governmental standards that bicyclists will actually want to wear. [Note: An abbreviated explanation of the certification process and the associated costs can be found in the “Supporting Data” section of this document.
Current Market
According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, the estimated number of bicycle helmets sold in the US market speculated to range in between 12 to 15 million helmets per year. (According to our data provided by our financial research this estimate seems to be in line with the US marketplace). The closest estimate according to the BHSI reveal that the 4,800 bike shops in the US market were rumored to sell about 700,000 helmets in the May-June-July quarter of 2009. Extrapolation of the Market leader Bell-Easton’s corporate 2010 annual financials helped to reveal that the action sports helmet market exceeds five hundred million per year and has had relatively constant growth over the past forty years. It should be correctly assumed that the health and growth of the action helmet market is highly dependent upon the current trend within the sport of bicycling. According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA), cycling attracted nearly 50 million participants in 2009, a substantial increase from the previous year. Cycling continues to be regarded as one of the most popular physical activities in the United States. Historic data supported HHCC’s initial assumption that as participation within bicycling increases, so do the sales of action helmets. Hot Helmets Cool Caps (HHCC) recognized that within the current market there are many well designed and produced helmets that offer the wearer the minimum safety requirement necessary in order to be sold here in the United States. What is not currently available in this market is a product that processes all of the fore mentioned qualities, in a package that is not seen as a piece of protective equipment, but rather a nod to individual expression. The OBS-1 will be the first and only helmet on the market that incorporates fashion as a key component into its fundamental design.

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    We don’t have children but I woednr if it’s an issue of complacency. When we engage in an activity repeatedly without incident we develop a level of comfort and, although perceived, a certain level of projected outcome for the next time we engage in that activity.On 1604, it is sad but frequently I see risky behaviour by some motorcyclists, weaving in and out of traffic and riding between vehicles. Why they do this is beyond me and I can only assume they’ve done it before and gotten away with it so they do it again. Not too long ago I witnessed a man riding between vehicles and two days later read about a 27 year old man killed on 1604 while weaving between cars and woednred if it was the same person.So with respect to the helmets, if there hasn’t been an incident I would assume the parent and or child does not deem them necessary. Why a parent would not enforce safety gear, however, I don’t know are they even aware?I might think, too, that the level of risk associated with driving a vehicle is seen as being greater than riding a bike which is why more folks buckle up vs. helmet up. We don’t witness bike accidents but we see plenty of car accidents that serve as reminders. It’s something I consider every time I’m behind the wheel of my vehicle but not necessarily my bike.Just my 2 cents. And I hope this post serves as reminder to all riders regardless of age.

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