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The way we begin the process of getting you a hedge fund begins with pre-launch consultation, document preparations check list, and basic information regarding federal and state rules & regulations affecting your particular fund development and operation.

In addition to providing global business development services Venture capital international is pleased to provide a service that will assist
in the development of a U.S. Hedge Fund utilizing various exemptions.
Our Hedge Fund Formation service (Forex, Commodity, Equities or Real Estate) includes:
 Private Placement Memorandum (exemptions and required disclosures included)
 Fund investment flow chart
 Investment structure
 Property / portfolio risk analysis
 Income appreciation flow chart
 Management/director/officer backgrounds
 Use of Proceeds
 Terms & Conditions
 Investment requirements
 Terms & Conditions
 Investment requirements
 Risk Factors
 Competitive analysis
 Dilution and ownership detail
 Plan of placement
 Hedge Fund Subscription Agreement (Qualified investors)
 Hedge Fund Offering Circular
 Purchaser Questionnaire
 Purchaser Representative Questionnaire
 Financial Spreadsheet
 Tracking Spreadsheet
 Value Added Monthly Index spread sheet (VAMI)
· Complete SEC Form D
· Press release announcement
Total Hedge Fund Formation service..25,000 US Call 803-802-7286 or 203-775-9999 now to find out how to get a discount Today !

There is third party fees in making a fully functioning  US and Offshore fund.  In addition to my costs, third party legal/incorporation fees are below:
US fund:
Incorporation – $150 – $500 depending on states
Attorney review – $2,500
BVI “closed-end” fund:
Incorporations – $2,000
Attorney review – $1,500
BVI “open-end” licensed professional fund:
Incorporation/legal/gov. -$9,500


In what jurisdiction can I form an offshore hedge fund?

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is an attractive jurisdiction for offshore hedge funds. The legislative structure in the BVI is modern and internationally recognized. The authorities have successfully created a framework that is rigorous in terms of anti-money laundering and know-your-customer requirements.

It is considerably less expensive to establish an offshore hedge fund in the BVI than comparable jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands. Hedge funds domiciled in the BVI would benefit from the availability of higher quality banking and custody services in the jurisdiction.

Through various types of regulatory exemptions, the following types of offshore hedge funds can be formed:

• Forex Fund
• Commodity Fund (futures, options, etc)
• Equity Fund (stocks, private or publicly traded)
• Real Estate Fund (income properties, buy-and flip, REIT’s)

Are there any restrictions, regulations or exemptions that I need to be aware of in the BVI when starting an offshore hedge fund?

Typically the BVI requires all investment funds falling within its definition of “mutual fund” to be registered with the BVI Commission. The Commission further requires all managers and administrators of mutual funds to be licensed if the manager or administrator is incorporated in or carries on its business from the British Virgin Islands. Due diligence and proof of experience is key to obtain approval from the BVI Commission.

HOWEVER, in the early stages of an offshore hedge fund where the fund manager may not be able to satisfy the Commission’s requirements, the fund sponsors may consider structuring their company as a “closed-end” fund. A closed end company/fund is simply a company that issues “x” number of shares one time. Once the shares are sold, the trading begins. This type of company/fund is not required to register with the BVI Commission. It is also important to note that the term “fund” can not be included in the company name. However, the offering documents can reference the company as a “closed-end fund” for descriptive purposes.

Our Team & Partners can assist Forex and Commodity traders as well as Real Estate Entrepreneurs develop a custom offshore hedge fund utilizing the proper exemptions necessary to raise capital and operate there private offshore hedge fund.

Our BVI Closed-End Fund Company Formation (Forex, Commodity, Equities or Real Estate) includes:

• BVI Hedge Fund Private Placement Memorandum
• BVI Hedge Fund Subscription Agreement (Qualified investors)
• BVI Hedge Fund Offering Circular
• BVI Hedge Fund Purchaser Questionnaire
• Value Added Monthly Index spread sheet (VAMI)
• Financial Spreadsheet
• Investment Management Agreement
• BVI Banking Introduction
• FREE list of 5,000 non-US accredited investors

(Excluding BVI incorporation fees and government fees – Approx. $2,550)

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