Grants Available

Welcome friends there are dozens of grants and loans to assist
individuals, groups and businesses with a host of environmental
issues. Below, you’ll find a list of available grants and loans, a
description of each program, VCI’S team of Certified Grant researchers
and writers are  available to assist you with getting these grants for
your business . Contact (860) 350-4440 for more information.

Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant
To help improve PA’s air quality and reduce the use of imported oils
through the use of alternative fuels.
Program Summary

Guidance Document

Coastal and Estuarine Land Acquisition Conservation Program (CELP)

Program Summary

Coastal Zone Management
To implement studies, plans, designs, programs, land acquisition,
research and minor construction projects within the Delaware Estuary
and Lake Erie Coastal Zones.
Program Summary

Community Watershed Education Grants (WREN)
Support community coalitions undertaking public education projects
aimed at mitigating or preventing nonpoint source pollution in PA’s
Program Summary

Dirt and Gravel Road Maintenance
Reduce non point source pollution from the maintenance of dirt and gravel roads
Program Summary

Enactment of Ordinances and Implementation of Stormwater Management Plans
Reimburse municipalities for costs incurred in the adoption or
revision of ordinances or regulations and other actual administrative,
enforcement, and implementation costs incurred in complying with the
Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Act (1978 Act 167) and the
companion regulation governing stormwater management grants and
reimbursements (25 Pa. Code 111).
Program Summary

Environmental Education Grants Program
The conservation of Commonwealth resources depends on the
effectiveness of the environmental literacy of its citizens. The focus
of this EE Grants Program is to support environmental education
through schools, county conservation districts and other nonprofit
conservation or educational organizations, including colleges and
Program Summary

Evaluation for HSCA Remedial Response
Independent technical ealuation of proposed remedial response at a HSCA site.
Program Summary

Flood Protection Grant Program
Provides funds to government entities responsible for the operation
and maintenance of flood protection projects for non-routine
maintenance, project improvements and specialized equipment.
Program Summary         Program Web Site        Application Document    Guidance Document

Growing Greener Watershed Grants
Restore watersheds and streams, reclaim mined lands, remediate AMD
Program Summary

Host Municipality Certified Inspectors (Hazardous)
Reimbursement to municipalities for certified inspectors of commercial
hazardous waste storage, treatment or disposal facilities.
Program Summary         Program Web Site        Application Document

Host Municipality Certified Inspectors (Municipal)
Reimbursement to municipalities for employment of certified inspectors
at landfills or resource recovery facilities.
Program Summary

Host Municipality Review of Permit Applications
Grants for municipalities for independent review of permit
applications for new municipal waste landfills or resource recovery
facility, or expansion of existing facility.
Program Summary

Host Municipality Siting Incentive
Provide one time payments to municipalities which host new or expanded
hazardous waste capacity for PA.
Program Summary

Host Municipality Siting Reviews
Reimbursement of $50,000 to host municipality and host county
inspectors for independent review of permit application for commercial
hazardous waste disposal facility.
Program Summary

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program
Reimbursement of 50% of household hazardous waste programs not to
exceed $100,000 per county.
Program Summary

Illegal Dump Cleanup
Provide financial assitance for a maximum of $25,000 with a match of
50% match to assist in the cleanup of illegal dumps on public lands,
state-owned lands, and third-party sites.
Program Summary

Independent Review of Permit Application/Siting Plan Review
Reimbursement for independent review of commercial hazardous waste
disposal facility applications.
Program Summary

Keystone HELP energy Efficiency Loan and Rebate Program

Program Summary

Local Government Greenhouse Gas Pilot Grant Program
To provide PA municipalities with funding to develop greenhouse gas
emissions inventories and emission reduction action plans.
Program Summary

Municipal Recycling Program Grant (902)
Reimbursement of 90% of approved costs of county and municipal
recycling programs.
Program Summary

Nitrogen Tire Inflation System Program
To help deploy nitrogen tire inflation systems at tire dealers in Pa.
Program Summary

Nonpoint Source Implementation Program (Section 319)
Provide funding to assist in implementing PA’s Nonpoint Source
Management Program. This includes funding for abandoned mine drainage,
agricultural and urban run-off, and natural channel design/streambank
stabilization projects, and for development of watershed-based
restoration plans.
Program Summary

Nonpoint Source Pollution Educational Mini-Grants (PACD)
Inform and educate people about the causes, consequences and clean-up
of nonpoint source water pollution.
Program Summary

PEDA (PA Energy Development Authority) Grants
PEDA solicitations are varied and diverse. In general, PEDA provides
grants, loan guarantees for alternative energy projects and related
research referring to deployment projects, manufacturing or research
involving the following types of fuels, technologies or measures:
solar energy; wind; low-impact hydropower; geothermal; biologically
derived methane gas, including landfill gas; biomass; fuel cells;
coal-mine methane; waste coal; integrated gasification combined cycle,
and; demand management measures, including recycled energy and energy
recovery, energy efficiency and load management.
Program Summary

Pennsylvania Energy Harvest Grant
To deploy cleaner energy sources that protect water or air quality,
and have a positive economic benefit. Provides funding for renewable
energy deployment; biomass energy projects; coal-mine methane, waste
coal reclamation for energy; implementation of innovative energy
efficiency technologies; or clean distributed generation
infrastructure improvements. Energy Harvest is not a research
initiative. It is about new and innovative technologies in the
Program Summary

Pollution Prevention Reimbursement (Pump & Plug UST)
Reimburse for costs of pumping and plugging storage tanks
Program Summary

Recycling Coordinators
Reimbursement of 50% of county recycling coordinator salaries and expenses.
Program Summary

Recycling Performance
Grant program rewards municipalities for materials recycled.
Program Summary         Program Web Site        Application Document

Sewage Facilities Enforcement
Reimburse 50% to 85% of costs of on-lot system permitting programs
Program Summary

Small Business Advantage Grant Program
To provide assistance to small business to incorporate energy
efficient and pollution preventative equipment or processes to
increases business competitiveness while simultaneously improving the
environment of PA residents. The program is closed for fiscal year
2008, which ends June 30, 2009.
Program Summary

Small Business Energy Efficiency Grant Program
To provide assistance to small business to incorporate energy
efficient, producing, or conserving equipment or processes to
increases business competitiveness while simultaneously improving the
environment of PA residents.
Program Summary

Small Business Pollution Prevention Assistance Account (PPAA) Loan Program
To provide low interest loans to small  businesses undertaking
projects in the Nation that reduce waste, pollution or energy use.
Loans will be used to fund 75 percent of the total eligible project
cost, up to a maximum of $100,000.
Program Summary

Stormwater Management Planning and Implementation
DEP provides financial and technical assistance to counties for
development, and to municipalities for implementation, of
watershed-based storm water management plans under the Storm Water
Management Act (1978 Act 167). The financial assistance consists of
grants and reimbursements that cover 75% of the allowable costs for
storm water management plans covered under the Act.G

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