Grant update

Grants are not like a bank loan. In other word, just because we submitted them does not mean that anyone looks at them right away. The next step is what is known as the submission deadline date. The funders will not look at the proposals until after the submission deadline date. Most funders review proposals quarterly, but not all on the same quarterly schedule. Because of some delays in getting information from the client we missed many of the Fall deadline dates and are now in the winter cycle (December – January – February). As we know, a variety of funders will not have the same deadline date nor date of review. All of the proposals I sent in for the school have deadline dates within this winter cycle. This means that their first proposal will be reviewed sometime after Decmber 1, the first deadline date and through mid-March.
Our timing is that it will take me about 1 – 2 weeks to write the proposal and do the research, provided I have good information from the client. In this case, the client created lots of delay in trying to determine which project the wanted to seek funding and then getting me the final pieces of important information. This is why as a grant writer I often have several current projects, because waiting for any one to fund before moving forward will be months.

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