Financing thru bond offerings

10% Corporate Bond Offering

Program Overview

Minimum Financial requirement $50M+ (no cap)
Secure Transaction with Escrow
Loan Contract issued within 72 hours of 10% verified cash deposit into escrow in NYC
10% loan drawdown as fast as 30 business days.
Loan rates start @5.5% -10 year note
Funding completed within 45/60 days
$100K application free for retainer of professional financial services applies
(includes credit analysis, structure, delivery, etc.)
Short term bridge loan is possible upon acceptance.

Developer provides POF’s and associated submission docs to intake coordinator for HKG.
Conference Call is initiated with HKG and developer is conducted to discuss project and structure.
Client engages HKG for professional financial services and receives service agreement.
Documentation and escrow commences.
The developer receives first draw 10% back within @30 days after the LOC is established.
The developer receives full development funds via typical draw schedule in 45/60 days.

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