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In regards to our Investment Banking Advisory Services, we have designed our Investment Banking Advisory Services and contingency fee schedule, so we are equally committed with our client firms to a successful capital-raising effort. Our client firms make progressive payments as we perform certain securities offering document production, filing and securities sales training functions and as they raise the capital. Although we cannot take a commission from the sale of securities, our profits from securities offering document production and advisory fees are dependent upon the successful capital raising efforts of our client firms. Our “real” money is made when we take a Film Fund public. By assisting you in maintaining the vast majority of common equity ownership and voting control of the Management Company, throughout the entire capitalization process, we earn stock, a 3 to 5% fully diluted equity stake in the Management Company, once we take your first Film Fund public.

GREAT business plan is essential before producing your independent film. The key is to imagine yourself a potential investor. Would you invest based on the material in the business plan? How do you create a business plan that will motivate someone to invest? Here are 7 tips that will help:

Tip 1: Everything starts with a terrific script. I mean a real page-turner. You will be pouring your heart and soul into this film for the next several years. Make sure the script is worthy of your passion. It will also be your jumping off point for everything – attracting actors, a director, distributors, etc. Start creating your business plan only after you have the “killer script” in your hands.

Tip 2: Create a comprehensive budget for your film and include it in the business plan. How do you accomplish that? By breaking down the script and figuring out all the details of production: How many roles must be cast? How many days to shoot? How big of a crew? Are special visual effects and on-set effects required? Marketing? Film Festivals?

If you can’t do this, there are professionals (including me) that you can hire for this task. Why is having a budget so important? Because a potential investor can tell in a heartbeat if you’re serious about producing your film from looking at the budget you provide.

Tip 3: Create your marketing plan. Who will want to see your film? How are you going to get the word out about it? Why would someone want to see your film? How will you distribute it to your target audience? Theatrical? VOD? DVD/BluRay sales? What will it cost to get this all done? An investor will want to know this.

Tip 4: Who are the key players to get this film completed and distributed? Include bios of your above-the-line people and key actor committments. Do you have a distribution company that is interested in taking on your film once it is completed? Probably not…but if you do, include a letter if intent from them. Be sure to include pictures of your key personnel and actors.

Tip 5: What is an Executive Summary? It’s what you’re going to create next. It’s a brief project overview that a potential investor can read quickly but if it isn’t convincing, the business plan will not be read. Pure and simple.

It should include:

The current status of your production

The terrific people you have onboard (both key production people and actors)

A synopsis of your film

Overview on how you plan to make money with your film

In other words, it’s a brief sales pitch for your production. Make it compelling! Put the finished Executive Summary at the beginning of your business plan.

Tip 6: Put all support documents at the back of the business plan. Items should include letters of intent from distributors, actores, financial projections, etc.

Tip 7: Have your Entertainment Attorney look over your business plan carefully before you share it with any potential distributor. Why? Because the last thing you need is to be in violation of SEC rules and regulations.

1. Get a script – no one will fund your idea. If you do not have a script your investors can read, almost no one will give you money

2. Create a budget and shooting schedule – no one will give you money if you cannot tell them exactly what it costs and how you plan to spend every dime of their money.

3. Do your research. Find out how many films like yours, in the same budget range, did at the box office, in international sales, in VOD, in DVD sales. No one will give you money unless you can prove a similar project will yield profits

4. Write a business plan. Detail exactly how you plan to shoot, execute and sell your movie. List any talent attached. Show your profit projection. No one will give you money unless you have a plan to return that money to them with profits.

5. Build your audience now. Set up a website, Facebook page, Twitter account. Get people interested and get them following you. It is never too early to build an audience.

Most of the guys who come on here asking for money aren’t past step 1. And unless you got all 5 steps completed, it is unlikely anyone would fund your movie.

A loan application package should include the following materials, as applicable:

1. Resume of the producer and director.

2. Chain of title documentation showing ownership of the project script.

3. Breakdown of the project budget.

4. Weekly cash disbursement schedule to allow for calculation of expected interest.

5. Copies of signed distribution contracts or license agreements for minimum guaranteed advances or a list of potential payers interested in the project.

6. Copies of any contracts with equity investors.

7. Name and telephone number of a contact officer at any financial institution to be issuing standby or commercial letters of credit.

8. Description of marketable collateral, if any, to be pledged to secure the loan.

9. Letter of intent to issue bond from completion bond company.

call 803-802-7286  or 203-775-9999


VCI has formed alliances with several private investors, investment companies and distributors to provide funding for projects we produce, co-produce or develop.

If you have a project you want want to submit for funding, the following outlines the requirements needed to qualify for our funding options.

* If you do not have all or only some of the below requirements; contact us for information on how our Production Solutions division can assist you.

1. The Project must have at least 20% hard equity (Liquid) attached.
2. A budget prepared by a Line Producer on EP Budgeting or Movie Magic.

3. LOI’s from talent, directors and other critical documents that may help with securing funding for your project.

– 4. Distribution (Domestic & International) attached.

5. A Business Plan containing a Polished, formatted and edited script, log line, and treatment budgeted at $2 million and up.

Our options for funding any project is simple;

If you have a completed, Business Plan and an investor with 20% equity attached; VCI, may be able to assist with funding your project by providing 80% funding along with studio facilities to reduce production costs, P&A and Domestic/International distribution (theatrical, DVD, pay-per view, etc…). Just email us your package and then contact us to discuss your project.
If you don’t have an investor and need 100% funding and/or assistance with developing parts or all of your Business Plan; this will necessitate an engagement fee because it will require our staff to commit time and resources to developing your project. In most cases we absorb most but not all of the cost if our executive team determines the project to be marketable.

DISTRIBUTION For Feature Films and Television Content

Our Domestic and International distribution capabilities are made possible through our funding partners and independent distributors.

Primarily our distribution efforts are focused on feature films and TV projects that have been produced or co-produced by VCI. For some select films and TV programs produced by Independents; VCI upon review and approval will consider these projects for pitching to networks/cable stations and/or marketing to domestic and international buyers through our independent distributors.

If you have a project you wish us to consider for broadcast, theatrical or DVD distribution, please email us the log line and treatment for your project along with a link to view the trailer on line.

* Engagement or Mastering fees may apply to projects approved for submitting to our buyers, please contact our office for more details.

Business Fundraising Package

  • Diagnostic/Consultation
  • Email Pitch
  • Featured Funding Request
  • 3 Month Site membership
  • Fundraising Plan
  • Business Plan Review
  • Pitch Deck Training
  • Pitch Deck Review
  • Targeted Funding Source Research
  • Targeted Funding Source Presentation

TOTAL PRICE: $5,000.00

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  1. Normal bean says:

     thanks for looking this over… Here’s a quick look… Lots more detail available. Several company’s have stepped forward and are investigating the possibilities.  

    I have consolidated many in the industry and would like to find a way to launch this project that will bring the music tour industry together with the consumer. 
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     Normal Bean Band,& Artista members & old school Family join up with Hip Hop stars  Kurupt,Doggpound,Warren G, Snoop Dogg,Tone-Loc,Pharcyde,Xzibit,
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     negotiating have started for the “Future” Family Super Tour  (NorthEast,Southeast,Midwest,Southwest, for the summer/fall of 2012.)

     . I’m a simple hippie, with a vision of a better world….were seeking start up funds.. & key management company to tie it all together. please take a look at let me know if you can help, we have Hollywood animators, and film crew on board. And music licensing company’s have offered matching funds.

     the Basic’s..CAMPAIGN:

      NORMAL BEAN movie project( the “future” bus tour:
    GOAL:  Film and release a Reality type theme show as a movie, and Internet, cable spinoff.  based on the 1971 Caravan,& ken kesey’s bus trip with Heavy metal type cartoon, showing the Now generation, with the real “Next Generation” aboard the new Bus “Future” – by producing a 10-20 city live music festival tour, oversea’s tour (establish and set in place annual follow up events) with . 1 )Double interactive CD. 1 ) soundtrack CD And double DVD. Other products. 
    Story concept:

    One day I was talking with ken kesey, outside of McDonald theater, in Eugene, Or.  I ask him what the next step was, he looked at me and said “Don’t You Know?”

    I was puzzled, later I realized the truth in his statement, it was us, the next generation to declare the next step. Taking ken keseys famous quote “Get on the Bus” meaning, to be aware” take notice – and adding to it “Get on the Stage” meaning “do something, Take action” the new direction…the Fun Vibe still moves on, its ever expanding.


    Based on:

    In 1971, the “ Medicine Ball Caravan” ..

    Documentary of a 154-person bus and truck tour that set out to spread the gospel of flower power to the hinterlands of the U.S.

    Director: François Reichenbach

    Writer: Christian Haren (story)

    More info:


    I have a local Eugene based reality music show, (

     I am part of the next generation, and all my friends are part of this culture.

     I purpose we film the next film, our version of the 1971 movie, ”Medicine Ball Caravan” but like it should have been done, and about today’s world-wide movement, that has been  developed from this hippie culture. The history channel said we were the victims, yet we made apple computers, were doctors, lawyers, Video game designers, ETC. A whole bunch of media add’s were targeted at us, (the children) as a culture to sell consumer goods.  Here’s the real story.


    Its very simple we Book 10 city tour, promoting new Bus “Future” and film cast& crew, special guest, performance’s, interaction, create Cartoon based introduction that continues and develops through out the movie (like Heavy Metal/southpark).

    I  already have key players from original movie aboard, (David Peel, wavy Gravy, Sean Lennon, Ken Babbs, angel Reich, steven Hagar, heavy weight musicians, and some A-list Hollywood actors. Have expressed interest in riding in the Bus with me. I suspect everyone wanting to get on the stage once we start rolling. everybody wants to get on the bus.. Heavy metal world is interested in helping as well as several industry leaders. Treating yourself magazine – high times.ETC.
    This bus ” future” will be a icon for future generations in the hemp & music world. Imagine the bus leading the Hempfest in to new states. 

    the story will tell why the dead and ken kesey pulled out of the event at the last moment, and why it ended the way it did.

     Then it will take the viewer to where we are now. Speak’s to todays youth, and It will show just how successful we are as a culture. It will consolidate the new Hemp-hop movement.

    We want to create a feel good, heart felt reaction, from viewers who have joined together to rebuild extended family’s units based on need, rather then relation. Show green aspect as a way of life, and reestablish hope for the future.

    Normal Bean Takes Ken Keseys advice and takes the Family to the Next Step.

    (90 min -2.1/2 hr  film time)

    *(three story lines unfold- two cartoon, other reality, with concert footage and interviews.)

    *Movie shifts between 1971 clips, GRA –Bill G. footage (bands), narration, and      Cartoons, current concert footage -Culture figures of today…talk about wavy -further, ken kesey, fun vibe-now, the story!

    The ” two” – Cartoon storylines create – chapter’s for cast as story develops…

    1)comic clips setups!(things that really happened) in present showing positive side  & 2)“Lost in another world” clip’s shows were the earth is going with bad choice’s. and by creating fun the adventure save’s the world.

    ( In it normal brings the lost magical fun shifter from the bus furthur back to the real world in time to break the evil mind spell of bad intent.- Metaphysical healing the earth’s chakra’s. (the gear shifter from the original bus neal used.

    (creates TV Cartoon spinoff with interviews by Normal Bean as host.)

    Resolution: What we have today is Family extended and Hope. The great festival begins!

    developmental Outcome:

     we have raised the  potential for  box office profit, by developing annual event centered around movie tour, plugging into an already expanding market, of hippie type festivals, and deadhead, city festival type events.

     Additional profits to be had in:

    Concert Ticket sales, festival Merch, (annual events spinoff $) Box office sales, TV spinoff, (foreign, film and music tour followup), multi generation fan base. Circus Items.

    *Do to recent events As Hemp movement builds in each state so will the new hippie music festival market…this would capitalize on the backbone of that structure….trends will be established in that market, that will dominate youth population’s & future marketing.

    winter (organize-book  /  spring  (pre-market /  summer (tour   /  fall (film edit –release

                ACTION PLAN:

    Book 10 city tour – film movie around concert – film stops in city- & Cast interaction – create cartoon clips storyline – re-edit film – release film – produce 2 annual follow up festival to drive sales- create new fanbase – reality TV spinoff.

  2. Thomas says:


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  3. Thomas says:

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  4. Thomas says:


    when are you going to send me your package

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  6. Hello,
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