Crowdfunding Package


This package is designed to provide businesses with a complete marketing campaign that will help them get their  project funded. While there are no guarantees, we use every tool available to us to promote your project and get it funded.

  • Posting to social media:
    • 4 per week Facebook
    • 14 per week Twitter
    • 3 per week Pinterest
    • 3 per week Instagram
    • 2 per week LinkedIn
  • We will seed your accounts consistently with contacts that might be interested in your project.
  • As part of this package, we will create profile on each of these sites for you.
    • If you have active sites and want us to use those, we will do that.
    • If you want to loop in your personal pages and sites, as well as the project specific ones, we can help do that. (Some restrictions may apply based on site T&Cs)
  • Bi-weekly email campaign to your friends, family, and social media contacts
  • Complete fundraising page written for you with SEO and keyword
  • 40 bloggers and media outlets will be contacted to attempt to arrange interviews
  • 3 press releases will be written and distributed via internet sites
  • Campaign will run ~6 weeks:
    • 10 days before launch
    • 4 weeks of active campaign
    • 10 days after campaign


Package Price

  • Crowdfunding Account Setup $350
  • 5 Account Social Media Setup $275
  • Seeding accounts with contacts $500
  • Creation of 60+ days of social media             $500
  • Deployment of social media             $250
  • 3 Press Releases written and distributed $200
  • Creation and deployment of 3 emails $170
  • Email 40 Bloggers and Media (for interviews) $350


Total Package Price         Call 203-775-9999 for pricing

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