Or company sees your project as one that will achieve success with investors. This success will be achieved by a process. The steps will involve: good communication, completing requests for information in a timely manner, sight visits, and the items mentioned in the proposal.

The raising of funds in the present environment requires a qualified guide. The best projects can languish for lack of this guidance. Yes, the amount is more than I had spoken to you about before my visit. You can see the total cost is even more to complete the transaction. There is much more that we could say about our value, however, this is a complete package. We cannot guarantee success, but we can get Securlytics in front of qualified investors with the proper introduction and presentation that will allow you to successfully achieve funding. In soccer it would be a centering pass, in front of the goal, but you must kick it in.

We see you want to move now based on your timeline for success. We can begin as quickly as you would like. Tom would like to come for a visit after we engage in order to start the process. It may also be good to have another call to answer any questions you have regarding our work and your role in the work.

Please give us your feedback at your earliest convenience.

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