VCI  builds vital relationships with its entrepreneurs, and those who know them.  The best way to share your business plan with our investment professionals is with an introduction through VCI’S  network. While a lengthy business plan is less important than a crisp, cogent, and focused articulation of your business, we request a 3-5 page business plan summary. It should include the following:

  • – A brief overview of the concept and the problem you solve
  • – Target market size and characteristics
  • – Product overview
  • – Business model and how you will generate returns
  • – Marketing, sales and partnership strategy
  • – Competition
  • – Financial summary
  • – Management bios
  • – An explanation of what is unique and sustainable
  • – Barriers to entry that will prevent new competitors from eroding your business

An overview of the company’s current status. Highlight very clearly tangible progress including signed strategic partnerships, distribution deals, beta customers, revenue and market research results.

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