BioZhena Corp

FDA-cleared electronic medical monitor for women at home, with data sharing for women’s healthcare providers. We pro
vide an affordable, simple-to-use means of self-monitoring women’s reproductive status (via folliculogenesis = mechanism of menstrual cycles), around which revolves much in women’s health and lifestyle. A strong demand exists for a simple and affordable device that provides reliable data, and that addresses pertinent health, ethical and religious concerns.

Company Overview
Our earlier proof-of-concept studies demonstrated a simple-to-use personal sensor device to help women get pregnant by reliably determining the only 3 days during which “fertile window” pregnancy can be achieved – or avoided. The electronic sensor with said unprecedented ability is ready to be manufactured and launched in the large Trying-To-Conceive Market, and it also has the unique feature of automatically detecting pregnancy right after conception. The superior characteristics will mean that we shall largely displace the currently-available inferior fertility tools (ovulation predictor kits and monitors), and not only that. Because of the way our sensor works, it will also offer unheard of applications such as built-in screening for cervical cancer and other STDs. In fact, we are introducing not a single product but a medical technology platform with numerous applications (yes, much like the smart phones).

Problem to be solved
Womens’ healthcare lacks high quality women’s-specific diagnostic tools for use at home. The difficulty to conceive a child has become a big problem in the decades after the introduction of the contraceptive pill in the 1960s.
Currently available fertility testing products offer only partial and imperfect solutions and under-serve the market. Existing conception-aiding products generally have low levels of accuracy, reliability and information content.
There is no competition for our personal sensor technology in the market segment of fertility awareness for birth control. Cervical health screening is a complex, very unpleasant and expensive clinical procedure, with no home-use tools available. There are no other products with the attributes of our Ovulona (for personal use) and of our Ovulograph (for professional use).

Our core technology, the Ovulona personal fertility monitor for home use, is a combination of a proprietary tissue biosensor and proprietary algorithm based on a unique way of tapping into the mechanism underlying menstrual cycling. The Ovulona anticipates ovulation and also detects ovulation, a fundamental breakthrough.
Also fundamental is the high profit margin inherent in the Ovulona design, which in high quantities will cost less than $20/unit (even less than $10) to make while the sale price will be on the order of $200/unit.
The derivative technology of the Ovulograph is a data management system for optional use by medical professionals (downloaded data from patients). Menstrual cycling history in terms of folliculogenesis is much more meaningful than the old BBT temperature

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