501c3 Corporations


Some more information on the 501c3 – which there is a ton of information on the net.

501c3 funding goes to non-profits registered in the U.S.A. and US owned territories, like Puerto Rico. I did just complete a grant for a US registered non-profit that supports business development in Sri Lanka. So there is foundation funding that will help other countries but the money will first go to the US registered corporation.

All registered 501c3s are corporations.

The Federal government has many grant opportunities for international purposes. However, there will be a degree of oversight and need for transparency in financial statements. So if the company is trying to just get money from the government they will likely get caught. A legitimate organization will be OK.

Can I help you with any aspects of marketing?
Would you like to host a webinar, or even an in-person conference?

I had a laday in New Mexico bring me out as part of 3 day – How to build your non-profit business model. – She charged $5,400 per person and had 80 people.

To add showing for-profit people how to start and use their ow supporting non-profit is a powerful business model that no one is really offering.

Also, almost any for-profit business could be started as UBI of a non-profit. In affect, allowing the non-profit to act as an incubator for the for-profit venture, including grant funding. Then when the for-profit buside side gets big enough to stand on its own, it will have a track record that will be more attractive to investors.

If you can market, I can provide the product and services.

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