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How do you value a company?

“®”This question, or variations of it, should be answered by talking about 2 primary valuation methodologies: a. Intrinsic value (discounted cash flow valuation) b. Relative valuation (comparables/multiples valuation) Intrinsic value (DCF) This approach is the more academically respected approach. The DCF says that the value of a productive asset equals the present value of its […]


Regulation S

WHAT IS A “REG S” FOREIGN DIRECT OFFERING AND HOW CAN IT HELP RAISE CAPITAL FOR MY BUSINESS? The Regulation S Offering (Reg. S) is an exemption designed by the SEC for companies seeking to raise capital from investors located OUTSIDE of the United States. CAN I SOLICIT CAPITAL FROM NON-U.S. INVESTORS THROUGH GENERAL ADVERTISING […]


BioZhena Corp

FDA-cleared electronic medical monitor for women at home, with data sharing for women’s healthcare providers. We pro vide an affordable, simple-to-use means of self-monitoring women’s reproductive status (via folliculogenesis = mechanism of menstrual cycles), around which revolves much in women’s health and lifestyle. A strong demand exists for a simple and affordable device that provides […]