Venture Capital Advisors


Venture capital international, emerging and growth-stage businesses access:

  • Our senior Wall Street expertise our planning and advisory ability
  • Our decades-long track record of founding, growing and selling businesses with extraordinary ROIs
  • Our proprietary network of business contacts to drive new revenue
  • Our extensive network of private equity investors, angel investors, venture capitalists and family offices

From Investor-Ready Business Plans to Capital Raise Services, here’s the formula for success:

Our services to business owners are all aimed at building Business Champions – which are high-performance businesses that deliver outsized ROIs to their business owners and the investors who fund their growth. Our services include:

  • Step #1: Investor-Ready Business Plan Packaging: More than a business plan, a proprietary business plan package is a complete set of institutional, investor-quality documents of unique form and function – a package that gets your business plan to the top of the review pile.
  • Step #2: Advisory Services: For select clients, We help build “strategic capital” and strengthen management/marketing/ operational areas as needed prior to (or even after) the capital raise, improving the odds of funding success.
  • Step #3: Capital Raise Services: For our clients who qualify, we offer our Capital Raise Services. These clients engage us to help them with their capital raise efforts, gaining access to our proprietary investor network. Our investors seek deals that have earned the Vetted by Global Business Funding Group™ seal of value.

Venture Capital International

We bring planning ,innovation  and knowledge, wisdom, integrity, deep expertise, and a practical approach to achieving real market penetration and growth!
Founders and promoters of investment projects or companies seeking funding, asset “monetizing”, or working capital “leveraging” face an overwhelming number of tasks and challenges. For the project or transaction to exist, they must manage seed investors, partners, suppliers, sellers, and commercial opportunities. To position the project or assets to qualify for funding, they must deal with legal strategies, documents and presentations, requiring inside knowledge of the financial and banking industry. To search for, identify, select and implement any viable financing opportunity, they are exposed to a world of brokers, facilitators, advisors, promoters of various programs, and a multitude of offered services and opportunities, all of which can be hard to evaluate, harder to qualify for, and even harder to effectively work with.

Tip 1 Create a culture of attacking and solving problems

Capital seekers are essentially looking to enter and benefit from a highly regulated industry, characterized by highly  technical  legal  and financial  specifics  requiring privileged  information  and  substantial  experience.

Statistically, capital seekers spend over $1.0 Million for 2-3 years, only to learn about and experiment with various
brokers and programs, and to chase after multiple opportunities that neither the client nor brokers truly
understand. The only way to achieve realistic and reliable results within 1 year or earlier, and avoid excessive
unnecessary costs, is to have direct, licensed guidance and practical support from experts with real-world
experience in all aspects of economic security, due diligence, banking compliance, international law and finance.

Every Dollar you spend with a Venture Capital Advisor will move you towards achieving your business goals. VCI  is USA-wide so there will be a Group near you; have at look at where you’ll find profiles of the members to see just how experienced we are or use a location or skill search to find your local advisor, give us a call at 203-775-9999 or drop us an email to talk about precisely how we can help you.We will set up guides that will make your start-ups and companies facing turn-around situations to success, I work with organizations when the stakes are high—usually at start-up or during tenuous transitions—in an effort to identify problems, target solutions, assemble talent, and execute strategies that are necessary to achieve success.

Venture Capital International goal is to be a strategic partner with our clients and fullfilling their need  using all our expertise !We offer advisory services for a variety of client needs. Our core focus is to bring value and strategic convergence to the table, enabling our clients’ vision to take flight. Through our involvement, we impart our expertise and apply essential industry tactics which are only precipitated through first hand tangible experience in the markets which we have served.




The New Jobs Act, Title II states, “…the prohibition against general solicitation or general advertising…shall not apply to offers and sales of securities made pursuant to section 230.506, provided that all purchasers of the securities are accredited investors“. The SEC had until July 4, 2012 to adopt rules implementing Title II of the JOBS Act. It is now anticipated that the rules may come into effect by the end of 2013. Until such time, general solicitation and advertising is still prohibited.

Business Fundraising Package

  • Diagnostic/Consultation
  • Email Pitch
  • Featured Funding Request
  • 3 Month Site membership
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Business Plan Review
  • Pitch Deck Training
  • Pitch Deck Review
  • Targeted Funding Source Research
  • Targeted Funding Source Presentation

TOTAL PRICE: $25,000.00

A prepaid retainer is mandated by law as the only legal basis authorizing the institution to directly support and assist the client, under penalty of license or regulatory violations for “conflict of interest”. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that all Brokers fully understand,  agree  with,  and  support  the  legal  requirement  that  clients  pay  the reasonable below-market wholesale costs of the tangible deliverable licensed services. This is required both for the Broker’s own benefit of fair compensation, and also for compliance with national and international banking laws and regulations governing financial institutions.
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